Facial skincare tools is often featured in magazines and on TV. There are many people who are wonder, "Can I really see the effects of using a facial device? Can I really see results from using a facial device?"

There are many different types of facial equipment that offer different functions such as EMS, iontophoresis, and radio frequency.

In this article, we will introduce the effects that can be expected from each of the functions listed on facial equipment. If you are thinking of purchasing a facial device or have any skin problems, please refer to this article.

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What are the effects of facial skincare tools?

What exactly are the effects that can be expected from a facial beauty device? Let's take a closer look.

  • Moisturizing the skin

Moisturizing is one of the benefits of using a facial device.

When the skin is prone to dryness, such as during the change of seasons, the condition of the skin deteriorates, so it is important to carefully moisturize the skin.

Introductory effect to make it easier for lotion and essence to penetrate

One of the most effective facial appliances for moisturizing the skin is a facial appliance with an "introduction / penetration" function.

The "introduction / penetration" function is a function that allows the beauty ingredients contained in the serum or lotion to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.

When applied by hand, beauty ingredients can be delivered to the surface of the skin, but they cannot reach the deeper layers of the skin.

This "introduction and penetration" function can prevent the skin from drying out and keep it moisturized longer.

  • Removes dirt from the skin

Some facial equipments are sold with the function of "removing dirt from the skin".

Makeup that has not been removed or sebum that has accumulated on the surface of the skin is one of the causes of inflammation such as acne.

Cleansing and peeling to remove dirt

Cleansing and peeling facial products are effective in keeping the skin clean.

Peeling refers to the removal of dead skin cells. When the skin's turnover is disrupted, dead skin cells accumulate on the surface.

Using a facial cleanser in the bath or before makeup can help improve the condition of the skin.

For more information about peeling, see "Is it true that peeling is effective in getting rid of blemishes? How to take care of it! For a detailed explanation.

Eliminate blackheads in pores

Blackheads caused by dirt and sebum clogging the pores can cause skin irritation.

However, it is difficult to remove the dirt inside the pores with normal cleansing methods.

Cleansing and using a facial cleanser with a peeling function can help improve the condition of the skin.

  • Improving skin quality, preventing acne and blemishes

There are many people who say, "My skin problems are not getting better" or "I'm having trouble healing my acne.

You may be using the wrong face wash or cleansing method, or you may be using a serum that does not suit your skin.

Using a facial toner can improve the lymphatic system and blood circulation in your face, and improve your skin texture, which is recommended for those who are suffering from skin problems.

For more information on skin texture, please refer to "How can I tell what my skin texture is? How to care for your skin and items to improve it! For more information.

Skin beautifying effects of light esthetic treatments

Facial equipment with light esthetics is effective in promoting blood flow and improving lymph flow.

By applying light to the deeper layers of the skin, various skin beautifying effects can be expected.

For example, acne scars and dull skin are reputed to be eliminated by this function.

  • Improving wrinkles such as sagging and lines

In addition to improving the condition of the skin, some facial equipment can be expected to have a massaging effect.

Many people may be concerned about sagging skin and wrinkles as they age. There are many people who use facial equipment as an item that improves such problems.

Face lift effect

"Facial lifting massager with a vibration / stimulation function is expected to promote collagen production and lift up sagging facial lines.

By relaxing the facial muscles that are not normally used, the facial appliance can tighten the muscles around the face, making it a good anti-aging tool.

How to choose a facial device with the right functions for your problems?

In order to get the best results from your facial device, it is important to use a device that has the right functions for the problem you are facing.

For example, if you want to lift your face, you can't expect to see any results if you use a facial device that only has an ion introduction function.

  • Ion introduction and core pulse function

If you have dry skin, it is important to choose a facial device with a high moisturizing effect.

The "ion-introduction / core pulse function" allows the beauty ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin, so a higher moisturizing effect can be expected.

By using a weak electric current, the beauty ingredients are able to penetrate deep into the skin without interfering with their penetration.

Ion guide and peeling function

The "ion-introduction / peeling function" is recommended for people whose skin turnover is disordered or who do not wash their face properly.

The peeling function can be used to cleanse the skin of sebum and dead skin cells that accumulate and cause dark spots on the skin.

Water peeling and other facial equipment that can be used by people with sensitive skin are also available, so it is important to choose the right facial equipment for your skin.

  • LED Function

"The LED function is effective in improving skin quality and collagen production.

There are various types of light, each with different expected effects.

The LED function is one of the functions that is currently attracting a lot of attention because it can be expected to have the same effect as optical esthetics.

  • Radio frequency / EMS

"Radiofrequency and EMS functions improve the appearance of facial lines, sagging cheeks, and fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

The EMS function in particular is attracting attention as it is used by professional athletes for training and weight management.

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